Integrate Goodreads with Todoist

Integrate Goodreads with Todoist

Recently I read an article by Todoist about different productivity methods, and in one of the materials, I read about automation. Creating an automatic todo task, for example, if you add articles in the pocket app it will create a task in Todoist. So this made me think why not add Goodreads want to read to Todoist. So I did it, now whenever I mark a book as want to read it will create a task t in my Todoist. It is a straightforward process, and I will give you all the details on how to do it. You can do this with TickTick also.


  1. Install IFTTT and connect your Todoist account with it. If you don’t have Todoist click here to get 2 Months of Todoist premium, existing users can also use it.
  2. Go to Goodreads web and scroll down to the bottom and click API.
  3. Click on “Developer key” and enter your password.
  4. Type IFTTT in the Application name and Company name box and click ok.
  5. Now replace the key part with your key.
  6. Now go to Goodreads profile and copy the URL. You will get a URL like this
  7. Now replace the xxxxxxxx from the previous URL with this number. Now your link is ready.
  8. Now click on this link to set up your IFTTT.
  9. Copy-paste our final URL in the Feed Url box.
  10. Now click on the project and choose a project where you want to add the task. I recommend you create a new project and then click on save.

If you have any doubt, you can comment below.

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